Sign-up available for 2024 COSP parenting groups

Registration is open for 2024 Circle of Security Parenting Groups Winter Group, week of Jan 15th, 4-8yr olds Spring Group, week of Mar 25th, 9-11yr olds Summer Group, week of May 29th, 12-17yr olds Fall Group, week of Sep 9th, 0-3 yr olds

(for those who aren’t able to attend a group, this program is also available one-on-one)

The Circle of Security© Parenting program is based on decades of research about how best to nurture secure parent-child relationships.

Parenting today’s generation comes with MANY challenges. It’s so easy to get lost amidst unending expectations that parents meet their children’s every need: be attentive at all times, stay attuned to their many feelings, and correctly interpret each and every behaviour.

The reality is we all feel lost or clueless about what our children need from us at times. First off, this feeling is completely normal! Second, we here to help.

Midtown Counselling has joined forces with a trained Circle of Security© Parenting facilitator, Sandra Tocitu. Sandra is a mamma of three and an experienced child and family psychotherapist. She brings this highly regarded, evidenced-based parenting model to our community. She offers families a helpful roadmap toward understanding, supporting, enhancing and honouring their children’s overall capacity. (This program is available in group and individual format).

Sandra looks forward to connecting with you about what your family needs and how this program can help.

For more information, check out the Circle of Security page and contact Sandra Tocitu