If you experienced complex injuries related to a motor vehicle accident (MVA), you know that it often helps to slow down and give yourself several opportunities to learn new skills. That’s what this group is about. People with lived accident experience gather to share and learn together.

Why should I join?

To explore safe ways to connect with myself and others around shared MVA experiences and recovery strategies

This therapy group helps accident survivors, like yourself, better understand their bodies and minds. It offers gentle restorative activities for you to try in a safe context with others who are also on a complex recovery journey.

You choose your level of participation for each activity, and which sessions to attend.

What will we be doing?

Each session offers gentle yoga, mindfulness meditation, skills refreshers, and sharing

This group treats you as a whole person. It is designed to help MVA survivors, like yourself, manage as best as possible at home, work or school, and in the community.

Interventions include those of social work, psychotherapy and occupational therapy. You and your peers get to discuss these and related recovery strategies with each other and the facilitators.

When and where do we meet?

This group meets every other Tuesday at 1-2:30pm, at the Midtown clinic

Pre-screening and registration are required. We recommend booking at least two weeks in advance to avoid missing out. You are welcome to attend each session or choose dates according to your interest and availability.

Key themes for group discussion:

  • Re-friending my Body

  • Pain as a Part of Me

  • Connecting to my Values and Identity

  • Engaging with my Community

  • other themes relevant to group members

Co-facilitation by:

Note: This group is most helpful for those who are at least two years out from their accident. It’s meant to complement, rather than replace, individual therapies.

Contact us for fee details. For those with auto insurance funding, fees are based on the service specifics of your plan and to conform to fee guidelines set by Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO). *Rates are subject to change.

  • MVA OT Rates: $99.75-119.92/hour*
  • MVA Social Work Rates: $145-160/hour*
  • Uninsured flat rate: $155/session*

Email or call to get started.