If your injuries are complex, you’ll need Occupational Therapy (OT). Occupational Therapists look at the whole of you - your life at home, at work or school, and in the community - and coordinate your treatment efforts. They provide rehabilitation coaching, help you access needed equipment, provide referrals to other specialists.

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You’ll receive assessments of physical, cognitive and emotional injuries, e.g., fractures, amputations, concussions and other acquired brain injuries (ABIs), chronic pain and headaches, and mood disorders. Your assessments will consider your pre and post-MVA functioning at home, at school or work, and in the community.

Guidance / Equipment

Following your assessment, you’ll receive a customized treatment plan that may include the following:

  • Hospital Discharge Planning
  • Attedant Care Assessments, Form 1
  • In-Home Occupational Therapy Assessments
  • Jobsite Analysis, Cognitive Demands Analysis, Ergonomic Worksite Assessments
  • Progressive Goal Attainment Program (PGAP) = Brain Injury / Concussion Management, and
  • Gradual Return-to-Work/School Programming

Group Therapy

NEW Click here for more information about group therapy options for seasoned MVA clients who continue to experience complex cognitive, physical and psychological difficulties

Occupational Therapists are the quarterbacks of MVA care - they make sure you and your health care team maximize your recovery potential.

MVA OT Rates: $99.75-119.92/hour*

*MVA rates are subject to change. They are based on the service specifics of your plan and conform to fee guidelines set by Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO).