Midtown Counselling provides ready access to mental health programming specific to your business or organization

In-House Mental Health Services

Midtown Counselling supports local companies and organizations with customized in-house mental health services in a cost-effective way.

Members of our team come to your place of work to transform a private space into a stress-reducing, resilience-fostering zone. We provide onsite and remote counselling, consultation, workshops and more. All services are tailored to the unique culture of your organization and the particular needs of your members.

Recipients of our in-house mental health services tell their employers how meaningful and effective it is to have immediate access to seasoned mental health providers who are deeply familiar with and committed to their place of work. Employers say our services greatly improve employee satisfaction and help them better engage with their members.

Email or call to arrange In-House Mental Health Services.

Preferred Partnership

If you’re looking for a less intensive option but are still wanting to increase supports for your employees or members, we can help.

Chances are you care deeply for your staff’s health and wellness. We do too. This arrangement allows ready access to Mental Health Services familiar to your people. We provide ad hoc in-services to help your leaders and members consider their mental health strengths needs and navigate local resources available to them.

Depending on the nature of the arrangement, we may offer dedicated staff, therapy times and/or a preferred rate for your members.

Email or call to become a Preferred Partner.

Perhaps you’re looking to boost Mental Health Resilience among your staff, or perhaps some members of your team need individual support, help navigating community services, support through a crisis, loss or trauma, or perhaps you’d like professional guidance understanding your group’s needs.

Let us help you care for your people.