Midtown Counselling offers in-person and online therapy for individuals, couples and families in Waterloo Region

Depression, Anxiety & Stress

Depression, Anxiety and Stress are powerful emotions. If they’re causing you discomfort, impeding joy and limiting personal and professional effectiveness, we’ll help lift that dark cloud so you can find your sunshine. book now

Families, Couples, Parenting & Other Relationships

Does your relationship lack communication, empathy or cooperation? Is it causing sadness, resentment or distress? We’ll help you establish mutual goals, pinpoint patterns and improve connectivity. book now

Personal Wellness & Efficacy

If you’re keen to boost your mental health and personal effectiveness, CONGRATULATIONS, you’re embarking on a significant journey. We’ll help you set meaningful goals and create a path to confidence and effectiveness. book now

Whether you need one-on-one sessions to talk about issues affecting you or family sessions to resolve conflict at home, Midtown is here to help.

Midtown helps clients face problems and move forward. Together we can build something new, respecting what is working well and changing what is not. Book your free New Client Consult now. See below for Midtown’s counselling rates.

Midtown Counselling logo Are you looking for counselling related to a Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA)? Midtown Rehab offers social work, psychotherapy and occupational therapy for recovering individuals and their caregivers

Service Listing

New Client Consult

No Charge

First Session: Assessment

  • Assess your needs and circumstances
  • Receive treatment recommendations
  • Develop a treatment plan with your therapist
  • There’s no wait list; you’re invited to book a free consult now

$180* (85 minutes)

Individual Follow-Up Sessions

  • Find meaning and gain insight
  • Build skills in evidenced-based interventions
  • Monitor your progress & celebrate gains

$155-180* (55-85 minutes)

Family Follow-Up Sessions

  • Address issues identified in your assessment
  • Receive interventions suited to your family
  • Improve family communication & connection

$180* (85 minutes)

Midtown Counselling logo These rates do not apply to Motor Vehicle Accident Services, which are billed according to federal auto insurance regulations

Preferred Rates and Subsidies

  • Check with your employer, church or organization to see if you have access to Midtown Counselling’s Preferred Rates. If not, submit a request to them or email us to request a preferred partnership. Midtown Counselling provides direct billing for all residents of Perimeter Institute. We specialize in helping organizations and businesses care for their people.
  • Residents of Perimeter Institute have access to onsite individual and group services. Fees are paid in full by the institute.
  • Are counselling fees are beyond your reach? Our maximum Financial Subsidy is 13%. If that’s also out of reach, please speak with your doctor or Here 24/7 for help accessing alternatively funded services.