A SHOUT OUT TO ALL OF YOU WOMEN (and those who live with women)


It’s time to cheer ALL the women in our lives (including ourselves for those for whom that applies). They/you/we have been trucking through this pandemic like it’s not their/your/our first… because it isn’t really, is it.

They/we/you have survived years, decades, even centuries of pandemic-like forms of oppression and omission. They/we/you do more than survive. They/we/you thrive. They/we/you create and nurture positive change in them/your/our-selves.

They/you/we are not about to stop.

KUDOS to you/us/those ladies, for ALL you do to bring healing and wholeness to yourselves, your homes, communities and this world!!

IWD 2022 may be over, but the plight and celebration continues…