K-W artists of all ages BLEW US AWAY with talent in sharing their meaningful summer moments!

If your entry is posted below, you’ve WON!!! We’ll email you on Sept 28th about collecting your prize. If you don’t get the email, check your spam folder or contact us.

THANK YOU to all our participants, sponsors, and fabulous judges: Anne Leask, Brandi May, Cindy Phan, Laura Johnson-Sherratt, Rebecca Booker and Stephanie Scott for making this year’s contest a success!

(Brought to you by Midtown Counselling in partnership with Cafe Pyrus, FourAll Ice Cream, ForeQuarter Butcher Shop and Dana Shortt)


Winner of Best Overall: Ella, age 15

Winner of Ages 3-6: Flora, age 6

Winner for Ages 7-10: Kenny, age 10

Winner for Ages 11-17: Erin, age 15

Winner for Adults: Hannah

Winner for Ooh Fun!: Mabel, age 8

Winner for Most Creative: Rebecca, age 8

Winner for Artistic Expression: Johanna, age 10

Winner for Most Descriptive: Greene, age 9

Winner: Lilla, adult

Winner: Brigid, age 3

Winner: Tracy, adult

Winner: Emily, age 6

Winner: submitted by Alex, adult

Winner: Wini, age 6

Winner: submitted by Katelyn, adult

Winner: Namya, age 6

Winner: Laura, adult

Winner: Mira, age 8

Winner: submitted by Brad, adult

Winner: submitted by Chantelle, adult

Winner: Manuel, adult

Winner: Marshall, age 9

Winner: Charlie, age 9

Winner: submitted by Nandu, adult

Winner: Josie, age 8

Winner: submitted by James, adult

Winner: submitted by Taylor, adult

Winner: submitted by Will, adult

Winner: Orion, age 3

Winner: submitted by Alicia, adult

Winner: Melanie, adult


Bridid- These streamers are such a neat and fun idea. Placement and colour choice are wonderful.

Orion- Awesome mix of vibrant playfulness.

Emily- Adorable. Rainbows and flowers, such powerful symbols of summer.

Wini- Fun. Mini golf, a great choice for a summer day!

Josie- Kittens are the best! Congrats.

Flora- Love the emotion! Imaginative, fun and with its own internal narrative complexity. Very dynamic.

Mabel- The best kind of summer day! I love the perspective on the beach.

Mira- Ooh, those eyes are looking right at me!

Charlie- The colours are so summer-y!

Marshall- Bold choice going black-and-white. Excellent line work and detail. Composition is well-balanced.

Greene- What fantastic presentation!

Kenny- So detailed! I love the candy cloud and thought it quite original.

Johanna- Bursting with colour, nice :)

Ella- Beautiful! It epitomizes summer. The colours and textures are amazing. Great concept, excellent execution.

Manuel- The minimalism and expediency of the moment is very well captured in this entry. Expressive and to the point. Love it.

Laura- So peaceful!

Hannah- Love the paintings.

Nandu- Yay for staying active.

Katelyn- Lucious colours! Like a fairy tale.

Melanie- Great perspective!

James- Having fun can be hard work sometimes :)

Brad- Very dreamy.

Taylor- Hm… my brain hurts, but I’m not giving up! Super intriguing.

Will- Who doesn’t love chickens?!

Chantelle- Refreshing!

Alicia- Multicoloured beards… I like it!

Alex- That looks tricky.

Namya- I’d love to be there RIGHT now. Great depiction of a wonderful beach moment.

Erin- Descriptive as well as lovely. Great job.

Becca- Such detailed models! Mixed media entries are always so imaginative. Outside the box.

Tracy- Love how you portray organic goodness.

Lilla- So rich and full of movement! What a great expression of the incredible importance of every child.